‘Elite sexual predator’: Ex-teacher from Sharon Wills’ school caught taunting police about Mr Cruel case and boasting about sexual assaults

Ex primary school teacher and self-described “sexual predator” Ewen Wilson Gracie has inadvertently outed himself as a former suspect in the Mr Cruel case and confessed to a string of alleged sexual assaults, including one violent rape. Here’s how whoismrcruel.com tracked down the former suspect (who has apparently been eliminated as a Mr Cruel suspect by police) via his multiple anonymous online accounts.

In July 2020, Twitter user Bindi Budu left disturbing comments under several news articles dating from the 25th anniversary of Karmein Chan’s abduction in April 2016, claiming that he was questioned by police after her murder and again in 2016.

The fact that police would come looking for him again 25 years on suggested that he was still of interest to them at this stage. So who was he and did his story add up?

“Bindi Budu’s” earlier posts contained repeated use of the phrase “Big Bonervirus”:

So we started our search there.

Unsurprisingly, there were only a few results using this phrase besides Bindi Budu, including a Youtube account in the name of “Nicholas Patsidis” and an Instagram account in the name of “Mister Stinky”.

Just like Bindi Budu, “Mister Stinky” delighted in abusing prominent women, particularly newsreaders and wives of footballers, boasting about his football career and railing against Dent Coin.

Mister Stinky’s posts featured disturbing images including a dead cat, a man holding a severed dog’s head and pornographic images of actor Tziporah Malkah – whose ex-boyfriend was “Nicholas Patsidis” – and someone who Bindi Budu had Tweeted about. So it looked like we’d found our man.

And Mister Stinky was an interesting name choice for someone claiming to have been a person of interest in the Mr Cruel case. Mr Stinky was a notorious Victorian sex offender who was likened to Mr Cruel.

But none of that gave us a name.

We also noticed that many of Bindi Budu’s posts contained the word “Geezus” and repeated references to being banned on the Cardano Forum, so that was our next stop.

And we soon found one suspended Cardano Forum account using the same expression in the name of ‘Noddy Holmes’:

A quick comparison of Noddy Holmes’ posts on the Cardano Forum confirmed that Bindi Budu and Noddy Holmes were one and the same. And this quickly led us on to Reddit, Google, Bitcoin Forum, Facebook and Instagram accounts in the name of Noddy Holmes, all with the same unmistakable tone, punctuation, idiosyncrasies and repeated use of crude terms such as Big Bonervirus and “chocolate starfish”.

But if Noddy Holmes was just another alias, who was this creep?

Bingo. Ewen Gracie.

A quick Google search told us that Gracie was indeed a former Victorian primary school teacher, who had graduated from Wesley College, Glen Waverley in 1973 to study teaching at Burwood Teachers’ College. He also played VFA in the 80s, taught at Liahona High School in Tonga in the 90s, ran a bar with his Thai wife in Jed Yod Rd, Chiang Rai, and now lives in public housing in the Burnie area of Tasmania, answering questions about Cardano in online forums.

This was encouraging, since Bindi Budu/Mr Stinky had mentioned all these topics in the course of his trolling e.g.

He also said he was working in Ringwood where Sharon was abducted. But at what school?

Well his earlier tweets claimed that he taught at the school attended by hurdler Kyle Vander Kuyp.

…which was: Antonio Park Primary School, the same school that Mr Cruel victim Sharon Wills attended.

That would explain why Ewen Gracie was of interest to police. We know that several PLC teachers were investigated, so it is not surprising that some teachers at the schools of Sharon Wills and the Lower Plenty victim would be scrutinized too. But how many teachers at Sharon Wills’ school would call themselves a “rapist that’s never been caught”, the “perfect sex offender” and an “elite sexual predator”?

Remember, this is Ewen Gracie describing himself in his own words, behind the assumed anonymity of his Bindi Budu avatar:

Only Gracie would know whether any of these vile claims are true, but we have already seen that lots of his other claims were able to be verified by a simple Google search.

We make no allegations against Gracie, but it is noteworthy that Mr Cruel was also known to be a meticulous offender who could control his impulses and famously used the expression “bozo”.

More from Gracie:


In other tweets, Gracie boasted about the many crimes he had supposedly gotten away with over the years in Australia, Tonga, Japan and Thailand including theft, robbery, abduction, tax evasion, animal abuse and sex trafficking.

After a little further trawling through Gracie’s tweets, he even told us which English school he allegedly robbed: James English School in Kitakami.

And remember how we said that Instagram user Mister Stinky posted a picture of a dead cat?

Well get ready to look away if you’re squeamish.

When Bindi Budu’s account was suspended, Gracie continued his vile tweets using other anonymous accounts, including one in the name of despicable child murderer Peter Scully and featuring the same picture of a dead cat.

Once again, he stupidly used all the same crude jokes including Big Bonervirus, proving him wrong when he said “Nobody can catch me”.

On 31 Dec 2021, Ewen Gracie used his new “Jeff Meyers” account to admit to the historic rape of a woman who was living in a sharehouse with his friends. It is unclear when this alleged incident took place.

In another tweet, Ewen Gracie admitted to the alleged sexual assault of a family member we will not identify. He claimed he was interviewed by police but refused to comment.

Screenshots of these admissions, along with his tweets about the Mr Cruel case have been forwarded on to Crime Stoppers and we have been informed by Victoria Police that Ewen Gracie was eliminated as a suspect from the Mr Cruel case. We do not make any allegations against him. We are merely publishing here what he has said about himself.

You be the judge.

Ewen Gracie in Thailand in 2015

5 thoughts on “‘Elite sexual predator’: Ex-teacher from Sharon Wills’ school caught taunting police about Mr Cruel case and boasting about sexual assaults

  1. It is possible that the ski masks were initially obtained to wear while posing with handguns for sale, that were smuggled into Australia in Harley Davidson motorcycles.That is a new and exciting thought for you,eh?


  2. What Australian do-gooders like you will never grasp is that when a group of corrupt scum like the Victorian Police Department and people like you try to destroy innocent people’s lives you have no choice but to become a monster to get down with the monster.


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