Friends and family of Mr Cruel victims

Archive of online comments by people with a personal connection to Mr Cruel’s victims

NB comments are compiled here for reference – without any suggestion about their accuracy or veracity.

Comment by Sharon Wills’ cousin and friend of Nicola

Forever Cruel – My thoughts… | The Cold Case Files

Reddit user identifies herself as Karmein Chan’s best friend

Source: reddit

Classmate and neighbour of unnamed 11-year-old victim reveals details of Mr Cruel’s possible prowling activities

Source: Do you remember Mr Cruel?? (

Friend of Lower Plenty victim’s neighbour shares more details of Mr Cruel’s possible prowling activities

Source: Youtube

Family friend of the Lynas shares their theory on reddit

Source: reddit

Neighbour of Karmein Chan shares their memories


Schoolmate of Nicola and Karmein shares her memories of the investigation and a theory about the school bus

Source: Youtube

Classmate of Karmein Chan shares memories about her character, visits from police to PLC, Karmein’s funeral and riding bus with Karmein’s sisters

Source: Youtube

Classmate from Karmein Chan’s dance school shares her experience and theory

Source: reddit

Friend of a potential victim recalls possible foiled attack by Mr Cruel

Source: reddit

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